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Australia's Leading

Solar Inverter Repair Experts.

Inverter Service has been repairing electronic equipment and Solar Inverters across Australia since 1975. We have worked with many of the leading electronic goods manufacturers and distributors world wide, namely Canon, Clenergy, Origin, Panasonic, Sharp and Sony. Our highly qualified technicians don't just replace electronic assemblies, but instead they trace and diagnose faults to a component level.

Step 1

Deliver Inverter

We can arrange the pickup of your faulty inverter, or you can deliver it to our service centre.

Step 2

Accurate Analysis

Our industry leading technology will accurately analyse your inverter fault and provide a solution.

Step 3

Complete Repairs

Provided your inverter can be repaired, we will fix all faults and organise delivery back to you.

JH1600E Sharp solar inverter repairs Australia
Sharp JH1600E
Repair Service

Your Sharp Inverter can be repaired or replaced with a refurbished Inverter. 

Repair Service

Your Aero-Sharp Australia can be repaired or replaced with a refurbished identical Inverter

Repair Service

Your Clenergy Solar Inverter can be repaired.

We arrange the pickup of the Inverter, or you can deliver to our Service Centre. 

What We Service

Warranty & Out Of Warranty.

Repair Service

Your CMS Solar Inverter can be repaired.

We arrange the pickup of the Inverter, or you can deliver to our Service Centre. 

Solar King Inverter
Other Brands
Repair Service

Your Solar King, Geoprotek Solar, JFY, EverSolar  Inverters can be repaired. Get in touch today to find out more.

Repair Service

Your Solar River Samil Inverter can be repaired.

Industry Standards.


Solar Inverter Experts.

When you contact Inverter Service about a faulty solar power system, we’ll take you through a number of very simple steps to ensure that you get the perfect solution. Sometimes an inverter only need a reboot and is not broken at all, whereas in other cases we may recommend inverter repair or a complete inverter replacement.

Every day you spend with a faulty inverter costs you money... Contact Inverter Service today to continue enjoying the benefits of solar power.

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