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Sharp Inverter - Out of Warranty Replacement

We can replace your faulty Sharp Inverter with a refurbished Inverter of the same model. We will send the replacement Inverter to you. When the Inverter arrives, you can then arrange for your Electrician to remove the faulty Inverter and replace it with the refurbished Inverter

By replacing the faulty Inverter you will only need to pay the Electrician for 1  call-out fee.

A repair requires the Electrician to visit your home 2 times. He will charge for 2 Call-out fees.

The replacement Inverter cost is fixed at $395

replacement inverter cost includes all freight costs and GST

The refurbished  Inverter is guaranteed for 12 months.

To proceed , note your Model and Serial numbers, then click on the button below.

Fill in and Submit the Replacement request form.

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