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Samil Non-Warranty Repair

Your  Samil Solar Inverter can be repaired.

We arrange the pickup of the Inverter, or you can deliver the Inverter to our Service Centre. The repair fixed costs are:

Solar River 1100TL to 1600TL   $375

Solar River 2300TL  to 2800TL  $395

Solar River 3000Tl to 3400TL   $420

Solar River 4000Tl to 4400TL   $450

Solar River 5000TL to 5500TL  $500

other models Please call for costs.

The repair is guaranteed for 12 months.


You will need to have your Electrician dis-connect and remove your Inverter from the wall, and then re-install after the repair. Try to negotiate a cost with your Electrician that covers both call-out fees.


Note your Model and Serial numbers, then click on the button below. Fill in and Submit the repair request form.

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